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SA Amanzi Group leverages a patented methodology for converting atmospheric humidity into water, showcasing its innovative water generation technology across a range of industries. Our most recent advancements yield greater water output in diverse climates, all while consuming less electricity than most homogenous devices globally. These atmospheric water machines play a pivotal role in delivering fresh water to remote locations, arid regions and areas facing serious water challenges.

Our company is committed to providing solution-oriented services, with a strong focus on delivering consistent and high-quality water solutions to the global water, sanitation and chemical market segments.

We are proud to contribute high tech experience, unwavering dedication, and a high degree of professionalism to global water segments. Our primary objective is to introduce innovative ideas and advancements, offering our clients cutting-edge engineered solutions that prioritise both high quality and sustainability. Our company maintains an inherent commitment to excellence, evident in our project delivery, staff development initiatives, and our dedication to environmental sustainability. Our core values serve as the guiding principles in every aspect of our operations. Together with our partners who persistently pursue excellence, a commitment that has been acknowledged through the attainment of the following accreditations

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