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Air-to-Water Equipment are innovative devices designed to extract water from atmospheric humidity. Using advanced technology, these machines convert airborne water vapor into potable water. They offer a sustainable solution for freshwater generation, operating in diverse climates with efficiency. Notable variations include those with enhanced capabilities in energy efficiency, providing a valuable source of clean water, particularly in remote areas or regions facing water scarcity.

Our Desalination division transforms seawater into freshwater, making it suitable for various applications, and the technology addresses water scarcity challenges by removing salt and other impurities, typically through methods like reverse osmosis or distillation. Desalination plays a crucial role in providing a sustainable source of water in regions where freshwater resources are limited, contributing to global efforts to secure a reliable and abundant water supply.

Our water segment encompasses water creation and water management and infrastructure within the broader scope of SA Amanzi, and there is a specialized emphasis on Plant Rehabilitation, indicating a strategic focus on revitalizing or upgrading water treatment and distribution facilities.

Within the Plant Rehabilitation domain, we have four subcategories that delineate the various aspects of expertise and services provided, inter alia:

  • Civil: Pertains to the civil engineering aspects of plant rehabilitation, involving the structural and construction elements of water treatment plants.
  • Mechanical: Involves expertise in the mechanical components of water treatment facilities, encompassing the machinery and systems essential for effective water processing.
  • Electrical: In context, Electrical refers to the electrical engineering aspects involved in plant rehabilitation, covering the electrical systems and components vital for plant functionality.
  • Instrumentation: Focuses on the instrumentation and control systems within water treatment plants, emphasizing the technological and automated elements necessary for efficient operation.
plant rehabilitation

In summary, our Water Division sector reflects the organization's commitment to water-related projects, with a specific emphasis on the rehabilitation of water treatment plants. The subcategories under Plant Rehabilitation provide a detailed breakdown of the diverse expertise and services offered, covering civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation aspects.

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